Evaluation of driver response to road user charging systems

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Authors: May, A.D., Bonsall, P.W. and Hills, P.J.

Journal: IEE Conference Publication

Issue: 454

Pages: 30-34

ISSN: 0537-9989

A research program has been conducted to assess whether the perceived problems with real-time charging of suboptimal decisions and unsafe driving practices would occur in reality, and, if so, how they might be reduced. The program studies the drivers' responses to a range of road user charging structures, and identifies various ways of reducing any negative impact of real-time road user charging systems. It considered four charging regimes, namely, fixed cordon charging, fixed distance-based charging, real-time time-based charging, and real-time congestion-based charging. The results of the experiment are presented and were used as input to model-based network analyses.

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