Conceptualising a Multi-level Integrative Model for Trust Repair

Authors: Memery, J., Robson, J. and Birch-Chapman, S.

Start date: 29 May 2018

Trust in business is at an all-time low due to a continuous stream of high profile scandals and wrongdoings. Businesses affected by trust erosion must repair this trust to survive. Conceptualising a model for trust repair based on the integrative framework proposed by Bachmann et al. (2015), this paper suggests the inclusion of four moderating variables to aid selection, implementation and success of six key trust repair mechanisms. Moderating variables incorporated are: stakeholder attributes; type of trust relationship; cause of trust erosion; severity of trust erosion. In so doing, this paper contributes to understanding how the effectiveness of trust repair mechanisms can vary in different contexts, and the need to select appropriate trust repair mechanism(s) dependent on audience and source of trust erosion. Operationalising this model will benefit managers across a range of business sectors by signposting them to trust repair strategies fitting for their customers and situation.

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