Beyond Accessible Aisles? Psychosocial Inclusivity of Shopping Experience: an ethnographic investigation

Authors: Lim, Y., Giacomin, J. and Nickpour, F.

Conference: DRS2018

Dates: 25-28 June 2018

Volume: 3


Purpose: There is currently a limited understanding of psychosocial aspects in inclusive design, although the importance of non-physical inclusion has been recognised. This paper reports a study of older individuals' supermarket shopping experience, designed and conducted to identify any possible psychosocial components in inclusive design. Methods: Empirical investigations; ethnographic interviews (n = 31); creative workshop (n = 19); observations (n = 8), were conducted with participants aged 60 and over to identify key psychosocial components in their supermarket shopping experience. The results from these investigations were analysed using thematic coding analysis methods. Findings: Findings suggest four major dimensions including 'cognitive', 'social', 'emotional', and 'value' factors, define and affect psychosocial inclusivity of older adults' supermarket shopping experience. Each factor is further defined and detailed with a series of sub-themes, and key aspects in regard to each dimension are highlighted.

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