One-stop Shop E-government Solution for South-Korean Government Multi-ministry Virtual Employment-Welfare Plus Center System

Authors: Meacham, S., Rath, P., Moharana, P., Phalp, K. and Park, M.S.

Start date: 24 February 2019

In this paper, a one-stop e-Government solution will be proposed for the existing Korean government multi-ministry Employment-Welfare plus system that utilizes latest IT technologies. Since 2001, the Korean government had established 11 initiatives and 31 roadmaps to build e-Government infrastructure. Although this infrastructure has been very successful and well-esteemed in the international society, several improvements are required towards a one-stop shop solution. Currently, the system used by the Korean government is not a one-stop solution with a single point for the citizen to access government services. A Virtual Employment – Welfare Plus Centre (VEWPC) is then introduced to unify the services offered to the citizen. Comparing this VEWS with UK’s e-Government solution and review of corresponding literature, several requirements for change towards a one-stop shop solution implementation have been identified. A refined architecture to implement a South Korean e-Government one-stop shop is identified and proposed in this paper. Future plans for the applicability and cost of its adoption are also identified.

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