MLF-DRS: A Multi-level Fair Resource Allocation Algorithm in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Systems

Authors: Hamzeh, H., Meacham, S., Virginas, B., Khan, K. and Phalp, K.

Start date: 23 February 2019

Cloud computing is a novel paradigm which provides on demand, scalable and pay-as-you-use computing resources in a virtualized form. With cloud computing, users are able to access large pools of resources anywhere without any limitation. In order to use the provided facilities by the cloud in an efficient way, the management of resources is an undeniable fact that should be considered in different aspects. Among all those aspects, resource allocation has received much attentions. Given the fact that the cloud is heterogeneous, the allocation of resources has to become more sophisticated. As a first promising work to deal with that problem, Dominant Resource Fairness (DRF) has been proposed which takes into account dominant shares of users. Although DRF has a sort of desirable fairness properties, it has some limitations that have already been identified in the literature. Unfortunately, DRF and its recent developments are not intuitively fair with respect to various resource demands. In this paper, we propose a Multi-level Fair Dominant Resource Scheduling (MLF-DRS) algorithm as a new allocation model inspired by Max-Min fairness and proportionality. Unlike other works that they equalize dominant shares of different resource types which leads to starvation in the maximization of allocation for some users, our algorithm guarantees that each user receives the resources they desire for based on dominant shares. As can be deducted from the mathematical proofs, MLF-DRS provides a full utilization of resources and meets some of the desirable fair allocation properties and it is applicable to be used in a naïve extension form in the presence of multiple servers as well

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