Support4Nurses: NHS Acute Hospital Trust and local University partnership to improve the retention of registered nurses

Authors: Tee, S., Scammell, J., Docherty, S., Collard, S. and Higgins, S.

Conference: Networking for Education in Healthcare NET2019

Dates: 3-5 September 2019


Nurse retention is a global concern as the increase in demand for more nurses rises to meet the numbers needing care. To address this need, a partnership was formed between one University and NHS Acute Hospital Trust to co-create an evidence-based digital portal and interactive tool (Support4Nurses) to aid nurse retention. Support4Nurses was designed around an evidence based model ‘TRACS’ which is comprised of five key elements known to influence nurses’ decisions to leave or stay in the profession: Transition, Resilience, Authentic leadership, Commitment and Support. Three key recommendations in building a successful research partnership are communication, commitment and compromise.

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