Assessment For Learning: addressing differentiation and skills gaps with Media Production undergraduates.

Authors: Van Raalte, C.

Start date: 27 March 2019

This presentation will outline two approaches that have proved successful in promoting student engagement with independent study and formative feedback - the most marked impact being on our less confident learners.

1. The ' breadcrumb' approach is predicated on the principle that if less confident and effective learners can be incentivised to behave like their more successful peers, they will begin to accrue some of the study habits, skills and confidence that distinguish the ‘good student’. To this end a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of grade points is used, calibrated to reward engagement and maximise the impact of formative feedback.

2. The 'student expert' approach has proved particularly effective in developing media craft skills. Students set personalised learning goals and share their progress with peers and tutors on a regular basis. Incremental grading rewards learning gain rather than achievement, to encourage risk- taking and engagement with formative feedback.

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