Visualisation for Digital Multi-Shot Photography.

Authors: Zia, R.

Editors: Weinel, J., Bowen, J.P., Diprose, G. and Lambert, N.

Start date: 8 July 2019

Journal: Proceedings of EVA London 2019

Pages: 330-335

Publisher: BCS London

ISBN: 978-1-78017-522-5

Visualisation is a key element of imagemaking in photography, filmmaking and visual effects. This paper combines Ansel Adams’ process of visualisation with the notion of visualisation used in filmmaking and visual effects to introduce a visualisation process that allows for the capture of the decisive moment in digital multi-shot photography whilst maximising flexibility during postproduction.

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Authors: Zia, R.

Editors: Bowen, J.P., Diprose, G., Lambert, N. and Weinel, J.

Journal: EVA

Pages: 330-335

Publisher: BCS

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