Postdigital Efficiency in Interaction Design

Authors: Westling, C.

Conference: ICLI 2016

Dates: 29 June-3 July 2016


Place of Publication: University of Sussex

ISBN: 978-0-9931996-8-4


The analysis discussed here of the making of Punchdrunk’s productions The Drowned Man explores the influence of an immanent perspective on interaction design, where participants are primarily modelled in terms of their agency, rather than according to reductive demographic principles that enforce a transcendent perspective where participants are represented as fixed categories describing instrumentalised perspectives on identity. This aspect of the immanent perspective on interface design, which might also be termed postidentitarian, draws on the posthuman discourse and calls for a definition of efficiency that is based on extended and idiosyncratic agency, supported by detailed articulation of actions, and for the development of interactive systems that have enhanced capacity to parse and facilitate emergent interaction.

Source: Manual