Usable and secure requirements engineering with CAIRIS

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Authors: Faily, S. and Ki-Aries, D.

Editors: Damian, D.E., Perini, A. and Lee, S.-W.

Journal: RE

Pages: 502-503

Publisher: IEEE

ISBN: 978-1-7281-3912-8

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Authors: Faily, S. and Ki-Aries, D.

Journal: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering

Volume: 2019-September

Pages: 502-503

eISSN: 2332-6441

ISBN: 9781728139128

ISSN: 1090-705X

DOI: 10.1109/RE.2019.00075

© 2019 IEEE. Software needs to satisfy a range of security, privacy, and usability requirements. Eliciting them entails using design techniques both within and outside Requirements Engineering, together with tool-support which can analyse and make sense of requirements and other design concepts as early stage designs evolve. This half-day tutorial introduces participants to CAIRIS, and how it can be used to engineer requirements for usable and secure software. Participants will be given the chance to use CAIRIS with selected usability and security design techniques, and learn how CAIRIS has and can be deployed in real-world projects.

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