Authors: Mavengere, N.B., Pekkola, S. and Stefanidis, A.

Conference: 25th UK Academy for Information Systems International Conference

Dates: 31 March-1 April 2020


Business and IT alignment continues to be a challenge for business which seek to maximise value of and from the IT function. Research has covered the wider Business-IT alignment points from mainly a macro-level viewpoint, such as, structural, dynamic and functional alignment. However, both research and practice still consider Business and IT alignment to be a challenge. In this research, we seek to uncover part of the reasons why Business and IT alignment is challenging to organisations. We note the factors in the literature which emphasise Business-IT alignment, such as, shared understanding, communication, management commitment, IT investment evaluation, innovation and rewards, strategic planning of IS, and strategic agility. The results of this study show that even if organisations address these alignment factors, IT projects could still end up failing. We also note the opposing misalignment factors in practice, such as, human tensions and strained work relationships, knowledge silos, self-centred management, technology does not matter, organisational change resistance, technology as a burden, and resources inflexibility. We conclude that organisations need to address both alignment and misalignment factors.

Source: Manual