‘Once Upon a Time in Animation’ – Curatorial strategies for an exhibition on the National Centre for Computer Animation

Authors: Gingrich, O., Anderson, E. and Moore, C.


Start date: 16 November 2020

Zeitgeist consists of an innovative neuro-art piece, which offers to induce Flow states through immersive experiences: Zeitgeist, a new artwork by Dr. Shama Rahman and Dr. Oliver Gingrich is an AI-based digital art piece that explores audiovisual neurofeedback strategies to train ‘Flow’ to improve cognitive performance and engagement. This exploration will lead to the development of a prototype platform for cognitive enhancement. This art project looks at effective strategies to enhance mental states by inviting the audience to induce Flow through introspection, thereby designing their own internal to external spaces. The team will develop a real-time ‘Flow’ mental state digital platform utilising EEG deep-learning classification for a feedback loop involving embodied interactive collaborative participation by the audience

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