Circularity Principles in Crowdsourced Systems

Authors: Voulgaridis, K., Angelopoulos, C.M. and Chatzimisios, P.

Journal: 2020 Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium, GIIS 2020

ISBN: 9781728182414

DOI: 10.1109/GIIS50753.2020.9248494


High adoption rates of handheld smart devices, such as smartphones, have motivated the rise ofcrowdsensing methodologies. The corresponding crowdsourced systems - systems whose constituent infrastructure is provided or augmented by the end-users - have been proven very efficient and scalablesystems for collecting data from the crowd. However, successfully and sustainably engaging the crowd introduces costs in the form of incentives. Also, the fragmented landscape of crowdsensing applications aggravates the problem of dark data. In this work we address this problem by investigating the potentiality of crowdsourced systems that entail circularity principles. Derived from recent developments in Circular Economy, the circularity principles enable the development of crowdsourced systems that are circular by design, by sharing and re-using already existing resources and data.

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