(Accepted) Dyslexia and Self-development; A product for primary school classrooms to encourage social interaction with the intent of improving self-esteem

Authors: Laschok, Z.M. and Lim, Y.H.

Conference: International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 21)

Dates: 16-20 August 2021


With an ever-increasing body of primary school children and the degradation of mental health among young people, the development of a high self-esteem at a primary school level has been recognised as a huge driving force towards the wellbeing of the next generation. Although the poor mental health of young people in their teenage years is widely talked about and addressed, it is often missed that this stems from a much younger age. The people most likely to suffer with a lower self-esteem at a young age are those with a learning differences, weather mild, diagnosed or undiagnosed. This paper will explore how emerging cognitive differences, and positive social interaction can help steer a child's self-development away from problems later in life such as anxiety and depression. Using these findings, a physical classroom-based game was conceived, designed and tested on the end users in the classroom environment.

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