PSK modulated differential spatial modulation for massive MIMO uplink system

Authors: Jia, Y., Li, S., Zhang, J., Wang, N. and Mu, X.

Journal: IET Conference Publications

Volume: 2017

Issue: CP726

Pages: 83-87


In this paper, we develop a novel PSK modulated differential spatial modulation (DSM) scheme for massive MIMO uplink systems to avoid the waste of antenna resources, in which the transmitter equips with a few antennas and the receiver equips with a large number of antennas. By taking advantage of the asymptotic property of massive MIMO channels, the transmitted signal can be uniquely decoded without the instantaneous channel state information at the receiver. Compared with typical coherent zero-forcing detector (ZFD), our proposed scheme has a low complexity. Furthermore, the simulation results show that the performance of our proposed scheme is better than ZFD in terms of the bit error performance with the modulation order being greater than 8. When the modulation order is less than 8, the BER performance gap exists between our scheme and ZFD tends to vanish with the increasing of the number of receiver antennas at the receiver.

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