Pilot pollution algorithm based on cell sectorization elimination in massive MIMO system

Authors: Niu, G., Mu, X., Guo, X. and Zhang, J.

Journal: IET Conference Publications

Volume: 2017

Issue: CP726

Pages: 38-43


Pilot contamination in massive MIMO systems is a major bottleneck system performance, generally, pilot-based methods are used to eliminate pilot contamination, while the overlong pilot sequence causes the waste of the spectrum resources. In order to solve this problem, we take the cell sectonzation division into consideration, and propose a new pilot allocation for scheme cell sectonzation of each cell. Specifically, we assigns orthogonal pilot to different users in the same cell sectonzation, and reuse the same pilot between different cell sectonzation so as to achieve the the purpose of shortening pilot length and improving special efficiency while using Bayesian estimation to eliminate pilot contamination. Simulation results show that this scheme is able to eliminate pilot contamination, and the performance is almost the same as the case of undivided cell sectonzation. More importantly, the length of the pilot sequence can be significantly reduced and the performance degradation caused by the division of the cell sectonzation can be compensated by increasing the number of antennas.

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