An airport baggage handling system using RFID technology: A proposed architecture

Authors: Monzur Morshed, M., Atkins, A.S., Yu, H. and Mostofa Akbar, M.

Journal: SKIMA 2010 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications: ''Towards Happiness and Sustainable Development''

Pages: 107-112


This paper reports the current results on an ongoing project. We propose a new architecture for airport baggage handling using a combination of technologies such as RFID, the internet, networks, web and mobile communications. In this paper we identify the problems associated with handling baggage in airport and propose a solution to overcome those problems using RFID technology. We also propose some novel ideas to use popular technologies such as web, SMS and interactive television screens for baggage handling systems using RFID technology. We also divided the total baggage path into several zones to track them correctly and to identify where baggage was lost or mishandled if possible.

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