Visual simulation-based hospital theatre management system

Authors: Zheng, X., Yu, H. and Atkins, A.

Journal: SKIMA 2010 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications: ''Towards Happiness and Sustainable Development''

Pages: 171-175

ISBN: 9789746725569


In a competitive environment, hospitals are currently required to reducing waiting lists, improve patient throughput and provide high standards of patient care. Consequently, hospitals should provide fast and efficient services for patients and treat them as soon as possible. A traditional Hospital Information System (HIS) should be able to show the accurate, current situation of a hospital patient through its real-time data collecting modules. However, this system normally lacks a simulation analysis module to help hospital managers review the results under different scenarios, for example changing their policies and procedures of bed management to improve their services. This paper proposes a framework of a simulation-based decision support system of hospitals, and a 3D visual simulation system has been developed for a hospital case study.

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