Children's Early Educational Game under the Background of Chinese Three Kingdoms Culture - To Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats

Authors: Liang, H., Bao, F., Sun, Y., Zhang, Q., Pan, M. and Chang, J.

Journal: International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, ICVR

Volume: 2021-May

Pages: 180-188

eISSN: 2331-9569

ISBN: 9781665423090

DOI: 10.1109/ICVR51878.2021.9483814


Recent research has shown that children's strategic ability can be improved with game. To improve strategic ability, motor coordination ability and the understanding of historical knowledge, we design an ability training game - to borrow arrows with thatched boats. In order to improve children's learning efficiency, we use deep motion perception technology as a human-computer interaction tool. Our system can allow children to control the movement of boats and interact with virtual objects in the virtual environment through hand-gesture. We can provide some strategic options, such as weather, equipment, etc. Under this new mode of educational game, children's strategic and motor coordination abilities are improved, and their understanding of historical knowledge can be also enhanced.

Source: Scopus