An IOT Security Awareness and System Hardening Advisory Platform for Smart Home Devices

Authors: Shepherd, A. and Apeh, E.

Journal: Communications in Computer and Information Science

Volume: 1420

Pages: 439-446

eISSN: 1865-0937

ISBN: 9783030786410

ISSN: 1865-0929

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-78642-7_59


This poster will demonstrate the work currently being undertaken to develop the proposed platform for IoT Security and System Hardening Advisory. It will highlight the current state of art for IOT security awareness and system hardening advisory. It will also present the investigation into the use of end-user approaches such as crowdsourcing and gamification to facilitate the sharing of security related information on SMART home devices within a community of end-users, retailers and manufacturers. Also, it will present the design of the experiments to evaluate the proposed platform’s performance in engaging its users and its provisioning of a continuous feedback loop of identification and recommended resolution of SMART home devices security issues.

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