A Modulation Division Based Physical Layer Authentication in Wireless Communication Systems

Authors: Xie, N., Hu, X., Han, G. and Zhang, J.

Journal: 2021 7th International Conference on Computer and Communications, ICCC 2021

Pages: 164-168

ISBN: 9781665409506

DOI: 10.1109/ICCC54389.2021.9674661


A modulation division based physical layer authentication (PLA) scheme is proposed in this paper, in which a uniquely factorable constellation is factorized into two sub-constellations, denoted by message-constellation and tag-constellation. At the transmitter, message and tag are modulated using the message-constellation and tag-constellation, correspondingly. Before the signal transmitting, the message signal is multiplied with the tag signal. Through the uniquely factorable constellation pair design, the detected tag is obtained at the receiver after the composite signal of message and tag is detected, and then the detected tag is compared with the regenerated tag from the secret key and detected message to implement PLA. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme has good tag authentication performance while the symbol error probability of the message transmission keeps a suitable level.

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