Cyber Security Capabilities and Requirements for a User Interface Supporting the Routines of Retirement Village Residents across US and UK

Authors: Cotterill, E., Ledingham, G. and Dogan, H.

Conference: 34th British HCI Workshop and Doctoral Consortium

Dates: 19-21 July 2021


Retirement villages are becoming increasingly popular in developed countries largely due to the quality of life and security they can offer those of retirement age. Residents are augmenting their homes with IoT technologies such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to help them to extend into the online world and stay connected with friends and family. However, older adults are also more at risk of social engineering attacks and their concerns may grow about keeping their personal data secure. To our knowledge, previous literature does not explore in detail the security awareness and preferences of retirement village residents. As a result, research around security related preferences of older adults are investigated. This research leads into the creation of a set of security requirements that may assist security by design for developers. A mixed methods design was used to get user input, incorporating both an online survey and a follow up semi-structured interview. Results lead to a total of fourteen different security requirements based on the user’s preferences and literature review. Recommendations for implementing security awareness training within the application are also included.

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