A whale optimization (WOA): Meta-heuristic based energy improvement clustering in wireless sensor networks

Authors: Sahoo, B.M., Pandey, H.M. and Amgoth, T.

Journal: Proceedings of the Confluence 2021: 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science and Engineering

Pages: 649-654

ISBN: 9780738131603

DOI: 10.1109/Confluence51648.2021.9377181


In WSN, clustering is the prevailing technique that involves identifying the object network based on attribute values. It is the sink nodes' responsibility in WSNs toward receive and process the collected data from cluster members. On the subject of saving energy, knowing the positions of sink nodes in WSNs plays a vital role. Genetic algorithm, optimization of particle swarm, differential evolution, whale optimization algorithm, and optimization of the grey wolf is now becoming efficient clustering methods as per the metaheuristic approach. Evaluation of the life span of the entire network, this paper proposes a whale optimization algorithm. The core objective of WOA-P proposed method is tends to decrease energy consumption and extend the life of the WSNs. The purpose of the objectives has been formulating to reduce power consumption and increase the lifespan of network to achieve these goals. Compared to three recognized optimization methods, the investigational results showed that the planned WOA completed better proficiency towards dropping the total energy consumption: differential evolution, GA, particle swarm algorithm, grey wolf optimization over the network.

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A Whale Optimization (WOA): Meta-Heuristic based energy improvement Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Sahoo, B.M., Pandey, H.M., Amgoth, T. and IEEE


Pages: 649-654

DOI: 10.1109/Confluence51648.2021.9377181

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