ANT colony optimization based optimal path selection and data gathering in WSN

Authors: Sahoo, B.M., Rout, R.K., Umer, S. and Pandey, H.M.

Journal: Proceedings of International Conference on Computation, Automation and Knowledge Management, ICCAKM 2020

Pages: 113-119

ISBN: 9781728106663

DOI: 10.1109/ICCAKM46823.2020.9051538


A data aggregation is an essential process in the field of wireless sensor network to deal with base station and sink node. In current data gathering mechanism, the nearest nodes to the sink receives data from all the other nodes and shares it to the sink. The data aggregation process is utilized to increase the capability and efficiency of the existing system. In existing technique, the possibility of data loss is high this may leads to energy loss therefore; the efficiency and performance are damaged. In order to overcome these issues, an effective cluster based data gathering technique is developed. Here the optimal cluster heads are selected which is used for transmission with low energy consumption. The optimal path for mobile sink (MS) is done by Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm. It provides efficient path along with MS to collect the data along with Cluster centroid. The performance of the proposed method is analyzed in terms of delay, throughput, lifetime, etc.

Source: Scopus