Implementation of Threats Detection Modeling with Deep Learning in IoT Botnet Attack Environment

Authors: Sangher, K.S., Singh, A., Pandey, H.M. and Kalyani, L.

Journal: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies

Volume: 312

Pages: 585-592

eISSN: 2190-3026

ISBN: 9789811935749

ISSN: 2190-3018

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-19-3575-6_57


IoT forensics where security and privacy are the key concern as the data the majorly hold personal information.So how to work on the vulnerabilities available from the IoT environment and classify them to get the best results to perform the forensics is covered in the paper.In IoT forensics, botnet dataset analyzed using deep learning classification to get the understanding that how deep learning can be used effectively for forensic analysis.So research work provides advanced digital forensics methods, i.e., collection of evidences and analysis of dataset for IoT forensics implementation.Since a decade ago, we are seeing a reality where hacking into a client's PC utilizing small bots or blocking a gathering of interconnected gadgets is not any more unthinkable.These little bots are called botnets (e.g., Mirai, Torii and so on.), which are a gathering of deadly codes that can obstruct the whole security.As Internet of Things (IoT) is developing quickly, the interconnected gadgets are helpless to penetrate as one influenced gadget can crumple the entire system.As Internet of Things (IoT) is developing quickly, the interconnected gadgets are defenseless to break as one influenced gadget can hamper the entire system.The security danger stays as botnet assaults increment their essence to the interconnected gadgets.In this work, we are proposing a novel correlation between AI (SVM and KNN) and profound learning draws near (neural system) to discover which approach creates better outcome while learning the assault designs.Research explores the IoT forensics analysis.In IoT forensics, models were applied on a composite information storehouse which was made by consolidating the outcomes found from the examination we did on Torii botnet test, with the CTU-13 dataset of botnet assaults on IoT environment.

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