A Indicação Geográfica como vetor de desenvolvimento regional e a possibilidade de sua aplicação no setor de cristais artesanais do Vale do Itajaí

Authors: Kegel, P.L., Amal, M. and Carls, S.

Conference: Code IPEA 2011 - Circuito de Debates Acadêmicos

Dates: 23-25 November 2011

Journal: https://www.ipea.gov.br/code2011/chamada2011/pdf/area7/area7-artigo15.pdf


In a context marked by the deepening of globalization, geographic dispersion of industrial production and international division of labor, the sector of crystal craft of the Vale of ItajaĆ­ in the State of Santa Catarina/ Brazil, has been facing different challenges and looking for new perspectives of competitiveness. The aim of the paper is to address, more specifically, the question of Geographic Indication as a key factor in the strategy of regional development, linking the productive organization and performance in the industrial sector to the socioeconomic situation of the region and its development. To this end, the paper discussed the feasibility of obtaining Geographic Indication and its impacts on restructuring of territories, reorganization of production thru clusters and regional development. Finally, the study pointed out to which extent geographical proximity and territorial economic activity may affect the strategy of competitiveness and international integration of the firms connected with the crystal industry in the region

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