Privacy-preserving Mechanisms of Continuous Location Queries Based on LBS: A Comprehensive Survey

Authors: Wang, X., Shi, P., Li, J., Yang, Y., Yang, F., Yu, H. and Wang, J.

Journal: 2022 27th International Conference on Automation and Computing: Smart Systems and Manufacturing, ICAC 2022

ISBN: 9781665498074

DOI: 10.1109/ICAC55051.2022.9911102


recently, the fast growth of mobile devices and location technology has improved users' lives and created enormous prospects for diverse applications. Users' lives have been made simpler by technologies like mobile devices and location-based services (LBS). Users prefer Continuous Location Queries Based on LBS (Continuous LBS). However, when users utilize connected applications, they must constantly submit relevant information to location-based services' provider (LBSP). In terms of spatial and temporal correlations, in comparison to snapshot LBSs, continuous LBSs present a greater barrier for maintaining location privacy. The adversary can more easily assess the user's private information, including lifestyles, work address, interests, and even health conditions, through the query content. As a result, one of the current study topics for academics is how to preserve mobile users' location information to ensure that they do not disclose personal privacy while enjoying associated services. This work comprehensively expounds the research state and development trend of location privacy protection mechanisms in continuous LBSs, classifies five current technologies, and describes their technological solutions, privacy efficiency, and application scenarios based on a timeline. At the same time, this study outlines the challenges that will need to be overcome by future research.

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