Observer-Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Soft Actuators with Input Constraints

Authors: Cao, G., Shi, H., Xia, D., Zheng, Y., Liu, Y. and Yu, H.

Journal: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Volume: 801 LNEE

Pages: 524-533

eISSN: 1876-1119

ISBN: 9789811663710

ISSN: 1876-1100

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-6372-7_58


Fabricated by superelastic materials, soft actuators are an emerging field to provide a solution of safe interaction with complicated, unstructured and frequently brittle work environments, while they also bear challenges in fragility and controlling of continuous deformation bodies. This paper addresses an adaptive sliding mode controller with input saturation constraints for soft actuators with unavailable system states and uncertainties. First, an improved super-twisting observer is employed to estimate system states and compensate system uncertainties adaptively. Second, an integral sliding mode controller is proposed to track desired references, strengthen system robustness and constrain input bounds. Finally, the proposed controller is utilized and compared with previous works in simulations to illustrate the effectiveness.

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