Mobile technology deployment in creative B2B service industry

Authors: Bolat, E. and Aroean, L.

Editors: Mickelsson, J. and Helkkula, A.

Conference: AMA SERVSIG International Service Research Conference

Dates: 7-9 June 2012

Journal: Innovatyive Service Perspectives: Proceedings from the AMA SERVSIG International Service Research Conference

Pages: 50

Publisher: Hanken School of Economics

Place of Publication: Helsinki, Finland

ISBN: 978-952-232-170-1


Purpose This study describes and formulates dimensions of mobile technology deployment (MTD) in creative B2B industry.

Design/Methodology/Approach Cross-case comparative data display has been employed to describe and explore three different cases within the single industry. Multiple sources of both primary and secondary data have been used to select and analyse cases. Comparative factors emerged as a result of thematic analysis of qualitative in-depth interviews with key decision-makers.

Findings The study found that creative B2B companies extensively deploy mobile technology on both operational and strategic levels. Using the three stage continuum, we found seven factors that characterise the process of MTD. The first stage, follower, is characterised by risk avoidance and cost efficiency approach to the MTD. The second, challenger, is driven by market opportunities. The third, leader, is risk taker and demonstrates high desire to delivering unique experiences. Practical implications This study provides insights into practices of the mobile technology employment by service companies describing strategic paths that creative firms follow in order to achieve sustainable competitive positioning due to embracement of mobile technological platforms and solutions.

Originality/value Findings provides insights into the relationship between the mobile technology and operation and strategic processes in creative B2B companies. The seven factors of MTD can be applied for corresponding strategy and operation planning.

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