Exploring the mobile technology deployment process in a creative B2B service industry

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Authors: Bolat, E., Aroean, L. and Robson, J.


Start date: 2 July 2012

Journal: Marketing: Catching the technology wave - Proceedings from the Academy of Marketing Conference

ISBN: 9780854329472

This study addresses the limited empirically grounded research to understand the process of the mobile technology deployment (MTD) in a creative B2B industry. Strauss’ evolved grounded theory (GT) approach has been employed to analyse three different cases and perform cross-case display of patterns. Multiple sources of both primary, in-depth interviews with key decision-makers, and secondary data have been used to select seven dimensions of the MTD process, three operational and four strategic, signalling similarities and intercase differences. Creative B2B firms extensively deploy mobile technology (MT) on operational and strategic levels. Findings confirm applicability of existing strategic marketing doctrines in relation to the MTD where follower-firm employs MT based on cost-efficiency and risk avoidance strategic orientation. The second firm, challenger, organises and manages the MTD based on market opportunities. The third, leader, is characterised by risk-taking approach and innovation orientation to the MTD. This study provides insights into practices of the MTD in creative B2B companies describing strategic paths that firms follow in order to build competitive positioning through employment of MT. The seven-dimensions framework of the MTD can be practically implied for strategy and operation planning in companies currently applying and potentially willing to deploy MT.

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