The ‘employability’ dilemma: In search of an instrumental and critical approach to career readiness (Presentation to ViEWS)

Authors: Wallis, R.

Conference: Shifting balances - First in series of Quality Conversations: A ViEWS event

Dates: 22 September 2021


This provocation was the first contribution to Quality Conversations, a series of discussions convened by ViEWS, exploring issues of quality in higher education. Posing several interrelated questions affecting the quality and future of contemporary higher education, the conversations address questions such as how we maintain academic quality and rigour to sustain the demands of employers, when are universities' identities dissipated to the extent that they are no longer accurate representations of the current educational offer? And finally, how do we maintain parity in delivery in order to ensure consistency of the student experience, when undertaking transnational education?

Source: Manual