Richard Wallis

Dr Richard Wallis

  • Principal Academic
  • Weymouth House W212, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I have taught film and television at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels here in Bournemouth since 2012, and led the undergraduate programme in Media Production between 2013 and 2017. Since that time I have continued to teach across the Faculty's media production programmes, and during the period 2019-2023 I was also External Examiner for Northumbria University. I was previously Head of Twofour Learning, the education division of the Twofour Group, and served on the Board of Twofour Communications (2008-2010). Prior to that I was one of the company’s Executive Producers, working for clients ranging from broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4 to a wide range of major brands. Recognition of my work has included awards from the Royal Television Society, the International Visual Communications Association, the New York Festivals, and the British Universities Film & Video Council. My primary research interests focus on various aspects of work within the media industries (see below), and I am part of the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP)...



My research is primarily focused on the experience of media work in the fast-changing context in which this labour market operates. I am interested in the nature of a media career; career support and interventions; systemic retention issues and skills shortages; the development of effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training; and the role of media education and pedagogy in the preparation of young people aspiring to work within these industries. Recent funded projects in this field include the Career Narratives Project (2017-20); State of Play (2020) for Bectu; Disability by Design (2021) for Equity and Deaf and Disabled People in TV; Mid-career support for people working in TV (2021-22) supported by BFI; and Understanding the Production Management skills gap in UK TV supported by British Academy/Leverhulme Trust. I currently hold a British Academy Innovation Fellowship (2024-25) for my project Supportive offboarding: Developing new practices to support sustainable freelance careers in TV. I am also interested in the role of media in education more broadly, and media in the public understanding of religion. My PhD (IoE/UCL & Loughborough) examined media literacy as government policy during the New Labour years. I welcome PhD proposals and peer collaborative initiatives in any of these areas.


Journal Articles



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Internet Publications



  • Careers Toolkit Project (March – July 2022) (British Film Institute, 01 Mar 2022). Completed
  • Online Safety – Media Literacy Strategy – Mapping Exercise and Literature Review (DCMS, 08 Oct 2019). Awarded

Internal Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Media Production undergraduate programme

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • The co-creation of unit assessments based on the principles of ‘backward design (10 Jun 2017)


  • PG Certificate in Education Practice in Teaching & Learning (Bournemouth University, 2014)
  • PhD in Media literacy policy (Loughborough University, 2014)
  • MPhil in Sociology & media (Exeter University, 1987)
  • BA (Hons) in Communication Studies (Sunderland University, 1983)


  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2016-),
  • International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture, Member (2016-),
  • International Association for Media and History, Member (2015-),
  • EVCOM, Member (2012-),
  • Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA), Member (2012-),
  • National Association for Higher Education in the Moving Image, Member (2012-),