A review of first-person shooter game engines and their use in researching scientific disciplines

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Authors: Gatzidis, C., Brujic-Okretic, V. and Baker, S.

Start date: 25 July 2008

Pages: 67-76

Publisher: IADIS Press

Place of Publication: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISBN: 978-972-8924-64-5

IADIS International Conference Gaming 2008: Design for Engaging Experience and Social Interaction

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Authors: Gatzidis, C., Brujic-Okretic, V. and Baker, S.

Journal: MCCSIS'08 - IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems; Proceedings of Computer Graphics and Visualization 2008 and Gaming 2008: Design for Engaging Experience Soc. Interaction

Pages: 67-76

ISBN: 9789728924638

This paper focuses on detailing the four most important first-person shooter (FPS) game engines to date, including individual technical characteristics for each one, as used for scientific research purposes and projects. The id Tech, Unreal, Source and Torque engines have all been used as cost-effective yet inexpensive visualisation tools that can yield photorealistic, easy-to-modify results in immersive and engaging virtual environments and this has been taken advantage of by many researchers from fields as diverse as education, training, health, artificial intelligence, psychology and cultural heritage. © 2008 IADIS.

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