On the Applicability of Problem Frames to Web-based Business Applications

Authors: Jeary, S. and Phalp, K.T.

Conference: First International Workshop on Advances and Applications of Problem Frames (IWAAPF'04) an ICSE'04 Workshop

Dates: 24 May 2004

Pages: 35-38

DOI: 10.1049/ic:20040222


Problem frames offer a way to understand complex domains, hence their application to Web based systems would seem a natural progression. However, it has been argued by some that Web based systems are fundamentally different to typical software applications, and that existing problem frames may need extension to be applied to Web-based applications. This paper discusses the application of problem frames to Web-based business systems. We give an overview of Web-based applications and introduce a classification of Web business models. We then discuss some of the specific issues that have been suggested as points of differentiation between Web based and traditional development. Finally, we suggest that problem frames are applicable to Web based systems, but that it is the relative unfamiliarity of the domain which causes problems - ironically one reason for persevering with an approach which offers the potential for enhanced domain understanding.

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Preferred by: Sherry Jeary and Keith Phalp