Misty - Stories

Authors: Round, J.


My current project is a critical book on the British girls' comic Misty (published weekly by IPC between 1978 and 1980) which is due out in late 2018. This accompanying dataset is a searchable database based on primary research (interviews, archive). It includes artist and writer credits, content summaries, and other information about all the Misty stories published. The writer and artist credits, story summaries, and coding of different themes will benefit scholars working on British comics. For those outside the field, it is important to note that writers and artists were not credited with the stories they wrote/drew, so this dataset is an important repository of research uncovered through interviews, online forum discussions, archival research at the British Library, and more. For more general readers, I hope it helps you locate that story you can't quite remember, find out more about ones you love, and that it is generally a useful resource for anyone interested in Misty.


Source: Manual