Figure in Motion

Authors: Sloan, S.

Place of Publication: The Arches, Glasgow; Kunstihoone, Tallin, Estonia; Russell Cotes Museum and Art Gallery, Bournemouth;(Screening) Yokohama Museum of Art; An Tuireann, Skye; Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow International Festival.


Large scale projection of computer generated walking figure first selected for Vault exhibition at the Arches, Glasgow, 2001 by panel including Sam Ainsley, Ross Sinclair and Wendy McMurdo. Invited to exhibit with Invisible Fields touring exhibition of Scottish video art. Co-exhibitors include Victoria Clare Bernie, Samantha Clark, Anne Bjerge Hansen, Jane McInally, Rosalind Nashashibi, Susannah Silver and Metacorpus. The aim of the work was to examine how to create a ‘sculptural’ video work using a process combining video footage and 3D computer generated geometry. Reviewed by Moira Jeffrey in the Herald, April 7th 2005 Illiyana Nedkova review in Highlands and Islands Art Journal, January 2005. Reviewed by Mark Dawes in Circa magazine (issue 96), Summer edition 2001, pp62-63 Reviewed by Susannah Thompson in The Artists Newsletter, June 2001 Streetlevel Photoworks small publication (no 17) for Invisible Fields with essay by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Susan Sloan