Three Way Conversation

This source preferred by Susan Sloan

Authors: Sloan, S.

Place of Publication: Poole, Dorset

The primary content of Three Way Conversation consists of a dialogue held between three individuals. The fractured conversation has been constructed from separate monologues serving to link the portraits whilst at the same time isolating them in their own space. The work questions the structures of perception, the intrinsic elements in the construction of representation. The aim is to present multiple views simultaneously: a 'conventional' one where events unfold linearly; and a 'sculptural' one, of the apparatus as a whole, in which each image undergoes structural manipulation. The conventional and the sculptural co-exist within the same screen space. This manipulation or editing has taken place in a 3 dimensional virtual space, creating discontinuities, shifts in relationships and a perplexity as to what is being perceived. The perpetual variation in viewpoints introduces a plurality of actions into the work and at the same time unifies these as a sculptural whole. Sharp, exact images are lost and found again like an endless stream of remembering and forgetting. Source: SIGGRAPH 2003

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