Tiago's Sequence at Krasnoyarsk Centre of Modern Dance, Russia

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Authors: Sykes, E.L.

Start date: April 2008

‘Tiago’s Sequence’, one of the series of ‘Unfairground Ride’ films, was screened at Krasnoyarsk Centre of Modern Dance in Russia, as part of Cinedans’ tour. Prior to this screening, the same tour had seen ‘Tiago’s Sequence’ screened in three venues in China, one in South Africa, Brazil, Europe and at eight venues in The Netherlands. Performed by Tiago Gambogi of FAB The Detonators, this piece relates visually to ideas of early cinematic performances, and challenges established roles in screen dance of choreographer and director.

‘Tiago’s Sequence’ is part of the The Unfairground Ride films, a series of short ‘visual explosions’, directed by Lizzie Sykes and supported by Arts Council England (peer review). Made with the ‘ballcam’, this robust wide angle, wireless spherical camera has a spongy casing, which enabled the dancers to grip it, throw it or roll it. Because Tiago films himself, the work directly questions traditional roles of director and performer. The result is intimate, absurd and refers to early cinema and mime. There are no edits.. this is a performative sequence. The devising process demanded an innovative, collaborative, approach between the vocabulary and experience of a filmmaker and that of a dancer/choreographer. Together we created new movements and sequences for the ‘ballcam’, designed specifically for the Unfairground Ride project.

‘Unfairground Ride’ is also an arts and technology research project. The construction of the ballcam itself was a complex, time consuming process that saw numerous design revisions, eventually resulting in a clear image, despite constant movement and an image that was not recorded in the camera, but transmitted to a remote recording device. The ballcam is patented by Lizzie Sykes. The design and build was supported by Portsmouth University, Bournemouth University and The Arts Council England. To watch ‘Tiago’s Sequence please go to vimeo.com/lizziesykes To view stills from the ‘Unfairground Ride’ series see http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizziesykes/sets/72157618830247751/

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