Screening at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

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Authors: Sykes, E.L.

Start date: 21 August 2008

Welsh Independent Dance's screening of work produced at their Dance for Camera workshop in Penpynfarch, summer 2008. Within this event, I showed a number of films made at this workshop. Two made with internationally renowned dance performer and choreographer Sean Tuan John, one with dancer Caroline Sabin (Penpynfarch) and one further piece, ‘The Wire’, where Sean and I swapped roles of performer and director. A number of other works that I’d shot and performed in on behalf of other artists were also screened. A debate followed, attended by a gathering of artists, film makers, performers, dancers and photographers. Q&A's about individual pieces followed, as did a debate around how fixed does the role of filmaker and performer have to be in a dancefilm context, as well as issues about wider collaboration took place.

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