Broken Stillness group exhibition.

Authors: Sloan, S., Collins, S., Hardie, P., Head, T., Isley, V., Smith, P., Hamman, S. and Sloan, H.

Dates: 9 March-21 April 2011


Broken Stillness comprises subtle, beautiful and hypnotic work which uses digital practices to examine the border where well-established forms of image-making, especially painting and photography, meet the possibilities offered by new technologies. Through animation, motion capture, modelling software and other processes the artists generate unexpected interpretations of the landscape tradition. Slowly moving and shifting, their works reveal the constructed nature of images, highlighting our expectations about both static pictures and the hyper-speed of the digital environment. The exhibited works display the materiality of the digital or photographic image while challenging images that are frequently regarded as 'true' representations.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Susan Sloan