Ordnance Survey

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Authors: Davis, T. and Ward, N.

Start date: 18 July 2009

This new installation by Davis and Ward provides an overview of activity levels around the entire Hill Town Festival site, providing an audio topography of the weekends events. This piece is constructed out of a number of remote nodes spread out around the festival site. These parasitic agents feed on the activity in their local area generating audio in relation to sensor data generated by the festival goers themselves. This data is transmitted back to a central listening room where it is used in the construction of a multi speaker soundscape This soundscape directly relates to the weekend's event, tracking disparate occurrences such as people's movement around the site, audio from concerts and toilet visits. This installation thus highlights the interconnectivity of interactions between festival goers, their environment and the festival's events. It tracks the flow of the observers and the observed, it provides an overview of disparate events all in one place.

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