Radio Streams

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Authors: Davis, T. and O'Modhrain, S.

Start date: 19 November 2007

With the advent of web radio, the world of the geographically situated broadcast limited by the power of the transmission network of a station, is becoming a thing of the past. Now you can have radio stations from anywhere streamed to your desktop. While this is undoubtedly a wonderful listening experience, something of the mystery of the radio broadcast and its dependence on the geography and physics of our little world has been lost.

In Radio Streams, the listener is returned to the world of the earth-bound broadcasting network, by using web radio to stream content into a spherical listening space. Using a hand-held compass, augmented with motion sensors, the 'listener' can probe the earth's radio content. As an 'active' listener, it is possible to search the space for music, news and comment and even to juxtapose diverse representations of world events in a shared acoustic space.

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