Screening of 'Note' at Bangkok Fringe Festival 2011, part of Asia-Europe Foundation dance camera project.

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Authors: Sykes, E.L.

Start date: 12 March 2011

Held at the Patravati Theatre, 'Note' was one of the Screendance pieces shown on 12 March 2011. 'Note' is one result of an ongoing cross arts collaboration between dancer/choreographer Cathy Seago, Senior Lecturer at Winchester University and founder of dance company Evolving Motion, myself and the Europa String Choir: Cathy Stevens and Udo Dzierzanowski. The aim of ‘Note’ is to explore the relationship between live musicians and recorded dance film within an exhibition space. The output is a ten minute screen-dance triptych, with soundtrack composed live. Sykes and Seago devised a site specific vocabulary after receiving the first ArtLab residency at the Kube Gallery.

Shot at night, Cathy Seago is silhouetted in an empty art gallery. Behind her the gallery interior forms a series of horizontal lines. Conceptually, Cathy becomes a note on a page. She moves slowly, part shadow puppet, partly in response to the shapes of the gallery. A sequence of ‘bars’ is suggested by the use of multiple images that form visual cues for the composers. The screening at the Patravati Theatre used a recorded track that was performed as described.

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