Ambiguous Devices

Authors: Davis, T. and Stapleton, P.

Dates: 21-23 May 2012


Ambiguous devices is an installation that explores notions of presence and absence, technologically mediated communication and audience perception through the staging of ambiguous but repeatable performative interactions taking place across two geographically separate locations.

The installation consists of a networked instrument distributed between two sites, Ann Arbour, USA and the Co-Lab Bournemouth. The functionality of the instrument is intentionally fragmented by placing the instrument and performers across two geographically dislocated spaces. Additional ambiguity has been introduced through the use of a variety of non-linear mappings, including changes between continuous and discrete sensing systems and corresponding actions. The aim is for the audience to question if the sonic outcome is the direct result of the performer’s physical interactions in the space, the actions of an unseen computer, the actions of another human being in a different space, or the echo of one or several of these interactions that have been transformed through temporal-(cyber)spatial travel.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Tom Davis