ArtSpace Studio: part of Dorset Arts Weeks

Authors: Sykes, E.L.

Dates: 10-12 June 2016


Artspace Studio is an open studio and open house event Bournemouth, and forms part of Dorset Arts Week 2016. With cross discipline collaboration at its heart, this inaugural event for the studio will showcase the work of Rebecca Newnham, Gaby Kienle, Lucy Turner, Lizzie Sykes and David Bird. Sculptor Rebecca Newnham and myself have used this exhibition as an opportunity to show the work we have recently developed. My own dance film works are tactile, sensual, and investigate our relationship to a space. I wanted to extend the qualities in the work through to the end point of the project - screening the work. Rather than using a regular flat screen or hard surface to project onto, Rebecca constructed glass curved sculptures in response to the film 'Are You There'. The scratched and painted surfaces added a further layer of the physical nature of the work, and as they are three dimensional sculptures, the audience are encouraged to be active and can see the projected film from around the entire sculpture. See Flickr and Linked in for more stills and at

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