Digital Me, Pop-up Photo Exhibition

Authors: Bolat, E. et al.

Dates: 5 November 2016


Digital Me is a collection of research publications/narratives written by Bournemouth University academics and students. Across various faculties academics at Bournemouth University were catching up and pioneering in conducting research within the domain of digital. This research covers various disciplines, i.e. management and marketing, health and social science, computing and media, education and more; and spreads through various topics, i.e. digital consumption, digital business, education and digital and more.

Bournemouth University students, being ‘native’ to digital environment and technologies, are always interested to capturing and examining the impact of digital technology on their lives, professional practice and wider context. Hence, it is not surprising to see quality studies produced by the students whose work contributes to both academic literature and professional practice in their chosen discipline areas.

Source: Manual