Air Free

Authors: Karathanasopoulou, E.

Dates: 8-16 September 2018


As an academic researcher and audio producer one of my main interests is understanding the intimate qualities of radiophony. In my work, I look at how a disembodied voice, a voice detached from its owner can travel through the airwaves, meet up with other voices and sounds on the air and eventually be picked up by a number of listeners, travelling through their ears and into their heads, into their minds.

Strangely, the radio voice, this fragment of a person that one does not know, may contain some of their most intimate qualities. You can hear someone smile, you can hear someone hesitate, you can hear someone’s voice breaking when they are in pain.

In this project a space will be created that simulates the unseen intimacies of the airwaves. Here people’s voices will meet and converse privately yet freely, not only with words but with the intimacy of a voice as pure sound.

Source: Manual