Landscapes on the Cusp of the Real & the Fantastic

Authors: Zia, R.

Dates: 19 August-20 December 2019


The photographic images displayed here form part of the artist’s PhD thesis display and have been created using multiple exposures; high dynamic range photography using different exposures has allowed for a greater range of scene tones to be captured. Focus stacking allows for all scene elements from the foreground to the background to render in focus. Digital panorama stitching allows for capturing a larger part of the scene with minimal distortion and in higher resolution as opposed to a single wide-angle shot.

The multi-shot nature of these techniques can create issues of ghosting where scene elements do not line up across the different exposures given the movement in the scene. The hybrid workflow developed by the practitioner allows for the capture of greater scene detail, and, greater flexibility to craft the look of the image in line with the look conceived in the mind’s eye whilst minimising ghosting and other lens and camera artifacts.

Whilst these are photographs of real world environments, the scene details and the look can only be revealed through the camera and cannot be experienced by the naked eye. The tones, colour, exposure and contrast have been enhanced to create a look that lies on the cusp of realism and fantasy and blurs the line between landscape photography and painting. In doing so, the practice explores the meaning of the digital photograph itself in the context of multi-shot photography and contemporary digital photography techniques.

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