Zanzibar Soccer Dreams

Authors: Brylla, C. and Ayisi, F.


"Zanzibar Soccer Dreams" presents the dawn of an era for women’s soccer in Zanzibar. This film is a follow-up to the 2007 "Zanzibar Soccer Queens" which focused on Women Fighters, a team of strong-willed Muslim women determined to play soccer to better their lives. Playing soccer has taken them taken them beyond the borders of their country, and away from the confines of negative societal attitudes because they expose their bodies. In 2009, the players were invited to Germany.

Their visit abroad created a buzz and is changing societal attitudes. Women’s soccer has gone mainstream! The once marginalised soccer “hooligans” have not only become visible but are considered ‘cultural Ambassadors. As one player declares, “Men who used to say you are hooligans, have no more words left”. Muslim schoolgirls can now play soccer as part of their physical education, despite limited soccer equipment.

Source: Manual