Charity Impact Case Study: Living Positive

Authors: Karathanasopoulou, E., Moore, H. and Tunmore, O.

Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Dr Evi Karathanasopoulou, Principal Investigator in this project, received Charity Impact funding from BU in the summer of 2019 in order to investigate the positive societal impact that some of the work produced by final year students in the BA (Hons) Media Production course can have.

As unit leader of the large Graduate Production Project unit (and, at the time, Programme Leader of the course), Evi encourages students to create diverse media work and where possible to work with real clients. In this Charity Impact Case- Study, Dr Karathanasopoulou and Co-Investigator Dr Richard Wallis explore how media production students can be engaged with the work and mission of charities within the curriculum framework of their programme. They do this by reviewing two student projects made for charities and creating a separate film investigating each project. In this film, they explore Oliver Tunmore’s work with the Terrence Higgins Trust and talk to the student and the charity about their experience working together and the important outcomes and outputs of the work. Film Produced by Dr Evi Karathanasopoulou & Dr Richard Wallis Film Shot and Edited by Huw Moore, who was also a BA (Hons) Media Production student Unit Leader: Dr Evi Karathanasopoulou Oliver Tunmore’s Project Supervisor: Dr Richard Wallis

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